How to tell if you are wise

Do you know when it is time to walk away from a situation ? Do you know when to stop an unhealthy habit from progressing? Do you realize, a solution with more depth and then analyze its contents ? Wisdom does not have to be obtained at old age. Wisdom is basically accumulation of experiences and ideas mixed with common sense, beliefs,realizations and a positive advocacy. A sense of keen knowledge that has strength.

Have you ever poured juice into a cup, and the liquid overflows constantly ? I didn’t think so. Unless you were in the dark and using moon light. But because you have had prior knowledge, you know that if you continue the juice flow inside the cup, it would create a mess and you would be wasting the juice. Wisdom is just that, except more deep of course. However, the basics include a form of experiment or experience, learning and/or repetition.


Here are some wisdom traits:

A strength from within. A confidence that does not scream conceited. A voice that talks and does not shout. A smile that speaks for itself. A combination of realizing social cues, when to express anger or extreme joy. To be happy for yourself and others. When you can become selfless for others and selfish for success. A great friend because you keep an eye open for things that should not be done yet spoken ,are the things that should be said. A form of truth because deceit just hides you behind a tree until it is cut. Non manipulation because true control and power comes from a silent belief in yourself.

A wise leadership is not demanding. It is shown. Being understanding and patient yet with strict discipline combined. Room to let others grow, yet the growth is inspired by motivational energy the leader can provide. Which means no passing on depression or sickness. It is time to become stronger not only for yourself, but others as well. Take in consideration both teams in any argument. Take small steps for success which might take forever, instead of one giant leap that might put you back at square one.

Stability. When you are counted upon, that is great. A wise person will feel safe to go to, and you will feel secure with yourself after a talk. A wise person can help you understand the obstacles in which are obfuscate to you at the moment, and wise people may seem like they are predicting the future but it is only because they obtain the wisdom knowledge through experience.

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